$24 for '24

"More than eight-in-ten Americans (86%) say the following is a good description of politics: “Republicans and Democrats are more focused on fighting each other than on solving problems.” ...And 78% say there is too little focus on important issues facing the country."
Pew Research, Americans’ Dismal Views of the Nation’s Politics, 9/19/2023

The year 2024 is shaping up to be a pivotal year for American politics. We have two polarizing presidential candidates, and congressional candidates who continue to move even further to the extremes of their parties.  This hyperpartisanship continues to contribute to lack of progress on key issues our country is facing, like our broken immigration system and our crippling national debt.

But 2024 also holds immense promise – it is a year where our collective voice can drive monumental change. We need your help to make a difference in 2024 by donating a little of your money and a little of your time.

The Movement Has Begun

Gallup polling in March 2023 found that a record 49% of Americans see themselves as politically independent — the same as the two major parties put together. By far the dominant U.S. party isn't Democrats or Republicans – it is independents. There is a movement by the moderate majority to raise their voices and take action to support candidates who better represent them. Candidates who advocate for common sense solutions. These moderate voices have been historically drowned out by the loud, angry voices of the extreme partisans on the right and the left. This majority of voters who don’t feel represented by either party must step up, speak up, and take action to ensure that they can have a positive impact in our country during the upcoming elections in 2024.

How You Can Make a Difference

I, personally, have felt the need to get involved more than I ever have before. I have quit my job, invested a large portion of my personal savings in my campaign, and committed myself to be an enabler of progress in Washington as a U.S. Senator.

While I don’t expect you to make that kind of sacrifice, I invite you to join me in two significant ways. First, given the need for political change in our next election, I am asking everyone to contribute $24 to my campaign to support change in 2024 — $24 for 2024 by the end of December. It takes money to fund this kind of generational change. 

Second, I invite you to share the message with others. Please like and repost my Facebook and/or Instagram $24 for 2024 posts, or forward this email to at least 24 of your contacts encouraging them to join the movement. While I am running in Missouri, success in my campaign will send a clear message to the entire country that American voters are fed up with the status quo and ready for a different kind of political leadership. Thank you!

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