KC Star: Former Josh Hawley supporter runs against him as independent. Does he have a chance?

Jared Young does not belong to a political party. He’s married with six young kids. He is frustrated with politics. So the 38-year-old from Webb City, just outside of Joplin, left his job as the chief acquisitions officer at a management consulting company in July to run for U.S. Senate as an independent. “So many of us are frustrated with what Congress is right now,” Young told The Star. “We complain and we moan, but if we want something significantly different, we have to try something significantly different. Like voting for an independent.”
While Young acknowledged his long odds in the race, he dismissed the idea that he was just in it to play spoiler for Hawley. “What is there to spoil at this point?” Young said. “The parties are destroying our country. And so whether a Republican goes in or a Democrat goes in, even though I voted Republican most of my life at this point, I’m so disgusted with what both parties are doing that it doesn’t matter to me which one of those guys goes in if it’s not me.”

This article appeared in the Kansas City Star on February 29, 2024 — click here for the full article.

Jared Young for Senate