bnn: Missourian Challenges Senator Josh Hawley in 2024 Senate Election

It was January 6, 2021, when Republican Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri, a controversial figure, was seen raising his fist in solidarity to supporters of then-President Donald Trump. This event occurred moments before the same crowd stormed the U.S. Capitol. Hawley's refusal to denounce Trump's claims about election fraud has led to a significant backlash, sparking an independent run against him in the upcoming 2024 U.S. Senate race for Missouri.

As the 2024 U.S. Senate race for Missouri draws near, the state's voters are faced with a decision. They must choose between Hawley, a senator accused of encouraging an insurrection, and Young, a newcomer to the political scene who seeks accountability for the events of January 6. The race, no doubt, will be closely watched by the nation as it unfolds against the backdrop of a still-divided America.

This article appeared in bnn on January 5, 2024 — click here for the full article. 

Jared Young for Senate