Op-Ed: I voted for Josh Hawley last election. After Jan. 6, I’m running to unseat him.

In the hit 2015 musical “Hamilton,” Lin-Manuel Miranda reintroduced the country not only to Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, but also to his lesser-known contemporary (and eventual killer) Aaron Burr. In the play — and also in real life — Burr was known as the consummate political animal, someone who was willing to do anything he believed would advance his political interests.

At one point in the show, Hamilton asks Burr in frustration, “Is there anything you wouldn’t do?” Burr’s responds with, “No. I’m chasing what I want.” Eventually, Hamilton chooses to support his own archnemesis Thomas Jefferson over Burr in the election of 1800. Hamilton succinctly explains his reasoning: “When all is said and all is done, Jefferson has beliefs. Burr has none.”

These Hamilton-Burr exchanges came to mind this week as I pondered the three-year anniversary of the events of Jan. 6, 2021, and Sen. Josh Hawley’s role in them.

This Op-Ed by Jared Young appeared in the Kansas City Star on January 5, 2024 — click here for the full article

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