No-party US Senate candidate Jared Young: Real change won’t come from two-party system

If the 2024 political races were decided on the basketball hardwood, Jared Young just might be your next U.S. senator from Missouri. But the 6-foot-6-inch Webb City businessman is taking his shot at incumbent GOP U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley’s seat from the no-party line.

...the politically aware have heard this argument before, how the two-party system steadily fails to offer good candidates. And while the argument is nothing new, polls show Americans’ general distaste for electing either Joe Biden or Donald Trump could indicate at least a chance for a change, the chance Young is counting on. “Roughly, 43% of U.S. voters identify themselves as independents, which would seem to give hope to third-party candidates...,” Young said.

This article was written in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on February 15, 2024 — click here for the full article. 

Jared Young for Senate