St. Louis Record: Better Party candidates present 25K signatures to Secretary of State

JEFFERSON CITY — Two candidates who are running in a new independent party presented the Missouri Secretary of State with 25,000 signatures from registered voters across the state last week.

U.S. Senate candidate Jared Young and U.S. House of Representatives candidate Blake Ashby presented 15,000 more signatures than is required to run and secure their spots on the ballot in November.

Young said throughout campaigning it has been clear that there's just an exhausted, frustrated majority out there who are longing for something different, who are tired of just the angry, divisive politics. 

"The Better Party is meant to represent that exhausted majority of people from varying ideological backgrounds," Young said. "We believe this party will have a much broader appeal than your traditional third parties because it's meant to have that broad appeal."

This article was posted in the St. Louis Record on April 29, 2024 — click here to read the full article.

Jared Young for Senate