Op-ed: What the Jordanian mobs can teach us

A few days after Hamas’s ruthless slaughter in Israel last October, I found myself watching videos on social media of crowds in the streets of Amman, Jordan celebrating the attacks.  The commentators posting them expressed a mixture of outrage, bafflement, and indignation at the videos.  As someone who has lived in Jordan and has a deep love for the Jordanian people, I believe the scenes serve as an important cautionary tale that we would be wise to pay attention to here at home—especially as we grapple with pro-Hamas demonstrations and rising antisemitic behavior within our own borders...

...In recent years, there have been troubling signs of this same dehumanization process happening in our own civic discourse... To avoid the continued decay of our national discourse and the tragedies that will inevitably come as a result, we need to take proactive measures to reverse the trend.  This means calling out the demonizing and insults for what they are.  It means consciously connecting with and learning from people who think differently from us.  It means giving people the benefit of the doubt and assuming the best rather than the worst about them.  And it means electing leaders who are committed to behaving the same way—not with a raised fist, but with an extended hand.

This article appeared in The Joplin Globe on January 24, 2024 — click here for the full op-ed

Jared Young for Senate