Below are areas where common-sense, broadly-supported solutions exist, but partisan bickering is preventing us from implementing them.

Decades of irresponsible spending and decision-making have left our country on the brink of fiscal disaster. Our national debt has exploded over the past two decades, and the Federal government now spends $400 billion a year just on interest payments. Social Security is quickly approaching insolvency. But we still have time to act before disaster strikes. If we can elect leaders with real political courage—people who put the country’s future over their own political careers—we can implement a plan to stabilize America’s finances, save Social Security, and begin reducing our crippling national debt.
Partisan fearmongering has caused more and more people to lose faith in our electoral system. We must adopt policies that ensure the integrity of our elections while also allowing every eligible voter to easily cast a ballot. We must also reign in the partisan gerrymandering that is making our country’s polarization worse.
On the home front, we must stop villainizing our brave police forces and instead provide them with the resources and training they need to do their jobs better. To address growing threats from abroad, we need to shore up our military strength and refocus the military on its core values, while at the same time holding the Defense Department and their defense contractor partners accountable for wasteful spending.

Business leaders throughout Missouri and across the country are clamoring for more skilled and able-bodied workers to meet their companies’ needs. The problem will only get worse as more and more baby boomers retire. We need immigration policy that secures our borders while also making it easier for more hard-working immigrants to come to our country legally. We also need to create a path to citizenship for people who were brought to the United States illegally as children.

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