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Join Team Jared and make a difference. We’re looking for passionate and dedicated volunteers to help us bring positive change to Missouri. Whether you have a few hours to spare or can commit to a regular schedule, your support is invaluable. From sharing on social media and going door to door, to hosting rallies and assisting with fundraising, there are many ways to get involved. Sign up today and be a part of our movement for a brighter future.

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Ways you can volunteer

Share on social

Spreading the word about the campaign can be as simple as a few clicks. By sharing our posts, videos, and updates on your social media accounts, you can help us reach a broader audience and build momentum. Use your online presence to engage with friends, family, and followers about Jared’s vision for a better future. Every share, like, and comment helps amplify our message and brings us one step closer to victory.

Go door to door

Connecting with voters face-to-face is one of the most powerful ways to make an impact. Volunteering to go door to door allows you to engage directly with community members, share Jared’s platform, and answer any questions they might have. Your personal touch can inspire others to learn more about Jared’s campaign and become part of our movement. Plus, it’s a great way to get some fresh air and meet your neighbors.

Host a rally

Be the spark that ignites enthusiasm in your community by hosting a rally. Organizing a rally allows you to bring together friends, family, and fellow supporters to learn more about Jared’s campaign and get excited about the future. Whether it’s a small gathering in your backyard or a larger event at a local venue, your rally can create a buzz and energize voters. Let’s come together and show our collective support in a fun, engaging way.

Help with fundraising

Fundraising is a critical component of any successful campaign, and your efforts can make a huge difference. By helping with fundraising, you can ensure that Jared's message reaches as many people as possible. This could involve organizing events, making phone calls, or reaching out to potential donors. Every dollar raised helps us secure the resources needed for advertising, campaign materials, and outreach efforts. Join our fundraising team and play a key role in powering Jared’s campaign to victory.

Help launch a project

I’m running my campaign in a whole new way. Instead of pouring money into paid ads to barrage you with their divisiveness, we will launch a bold new initiative each month. This is possible thanks to our amazing donors and volunteers. Join us.

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We can be better. join us.

70% of Missourians are open to voting 3rd party. Thousands across Missouri are already realizing that voting independent, instead of how the parties force us, is a clear path to fighting extremism and healing the unprecedented divide in our country. Join us.

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The movement is growing. Make history with us.