No-party US Senate candidate Jared Young: Real change won’t come from two-party system

If the 2024 political races were decided on the basketball hardwood, Jared Young just might be your next U.S. senator from Missouri. But the 6-foot-6-inch Webb City businessman is taking his shot at incumbent GOP U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley’s seat from the no-party line.

Radio Interview: Senate Candidate Jared Young On Why He's Challenging Hawley

JARED YOUNG, Independent U.S. Senate Candidate for MO, talks with Tim Jones and Chris Arps on their NewsTalkSTL show about being a right-leaning former CEO and attorney running against Josh Hawley.

Op-ed: What the Jordanian mobs can teach us

A few days after Hamas’s ruthless slaughter in Israel last October, I found myself watching videos on social media of crowds in the streets of Amman, Jordan celebrating the attacks.  The commentators posting them expressed a mixture of outrage, bafflement, and indignation at the videos.  As someone who has lived in Jordan and has a deep love for the Jordanian people, I believe the scenes serve as an important cautionary tale that we would be wise to pay attention to here at home—especially as we grapple with pro-Hamas demonstrations and rising antisemitic behavior within our own borders...

bnn: Missourian Challenges Senator Josh Hawley in 2024 Senate Election

It was January 6, 2021, when Republican Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri, a controversial figure, was seen raising his fist in solidarity to supporters of then-President Donald Trump. This event occurred moments before the same crowd stormed the U.S. Capitol. Hawley's refusal to denounce Trump's claims about election fraud has led to a significant backlash, sparking an independent run against him in the upcoming 2024 U.S. Senate race for Missouri.

Op-Ed: I voted for Josh Hawley last election. After Jan. 6, I’m running to unseat him.

In the hit 2015 musical “Hamilton,” Lin-Manuel Miranda reintroduced the country not only to Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, but also to his lesser-known contemporary (and eventual killer) Aaron Burr. In the play — and also in real life — Burr was known as the consummate political animal, someone who was willing to do anything he believed would advance his political interests.

St. Louis Record: Young hopes to give Mo. residents viable third option

Jared Young, a Joplin businessman, wants to give Missouri a viable third option as an Independent candidate for the U.S. Senate.

Young, who has lived in Joplin for nearly a decade, declared his candidacy as an independent for the November 2024 election. Young previously lived in Washington, D.C., where he practiced law. 

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Joplin businessman running as independent for US Senate in Missouri

Joplin businessman running as independent for US Senate in Missouri

Another candidate has stepped forward to make a run at the U.S. Senate seat in Missouri now held by Republican Josh Hawley. Joplin businessman Jared Young announced Tuesday he will run as an independent in the November 2024 election.

Inside Sources with Boyd Matheson: How One Senate Candidate Thinks He Can Change Washington

KSN16: Joplin man announces U.S. Senate candidacy.

Jared Young for Senate