Press Release

Jared Young Officially on Ballot in Missouri as Independent Senate Candidate

May 3, 2024

Jefferson City, MO — The Missouri Secretary of State notified leadership of the Better Party on May 1st that the Better Party’s petition to place candidates on the November 5, 2024 general election ballot has been determined to be sufficient. That means that Jared Young is officially on the ballot for this November’s elections as a candidate for the U.S. Senate. After the campaign submitted almost 3-times the required petition signatures in April, the Secretary of State’s office was able to quickly verify that the threshold of 10,000 valid signatures by Missouri voters had been met.

“This is obviously a significant milestone for our campaign,” said Young. “I’m very grateful to the many volunteers and professionals who did the hard work to collect the signatures. We can now focus our time and resources on making sure that all Missouri voters know they have a moderate, independent option to represent them in Washington.“

The certification provided by the Secretary of State’s office was for the Better Party, a political party created by Young that enables ballot access in Missouri for independent candidates both in the 2024 election and in future elections. In addition to Young, the party has recruited Blake Ashby, an entrepreneur and activist from Ferguson, Missouri, to run as a Better Party candidate in the 2024 election. Ashby, a former Ferguson city councilman, will be running for the U.S. House in Missouri’s 1st Congressional District.

About Jared Young

Young is an independent candidate for the U.S. Senate. He is a devoted family man, former CEO, and Harvard-educated attorney with international experience who has stepped up to provide a voter-centered approach to politics. He believes that hyperpolarized partisan politics are getting in the way of progress on our country’s biggest problems – like immigration and our nation’s financial situation. Politicians who swear their allegiance to their party in exchange for money and power are not prioritizing the needs of those they represent. He will be loyal to Missourians and will collaborate with others who prioritize progress over party.